You’re Here for a Reason


If you have been called to the Restore Process, it is because you have gotten mired down in the business of being human. You may have forgotten your personal creation story.

No worries. You can restore yourself back to your original state of being. We all can. We probably will continue to remember and forget because that too is part of the human journey.

But you – you specifically – you were put here. You chose to be here in this time and in this place.

To make a difference.

To become More.

To impact the specific personal world you live in.

And by your living-

By Your Presence in your world-

The world in general is ADDED TO and ENHANCED beyond measure.

The World Needs You


We need YOU.

We the world, need your specific voice, your unique addition.

For we all are more as a result!

But you may not be in touch with that at the moment.

You may have gotten lost

  • in the expectations of your culture about who you should be.

  • in the fear and loneliness that results when you are not deeply rooted into your own Beingness.

  • in the beliefs that you have collected from your outside world and the beliefs you have created in your inside world – as a result of experiences in your life – which probably included lots of pain.

  • in the emotions that come up around struggle, deprivation, scarcity and survival.

  • in the appearance of ‘reality’ to you and the accompanying beliefs about what ‘reality’ is.

  • in the overwhelm of seeing the big picture and not knowing what to do next.

  • in the vacuum of not knowing really what you do want – or even in what you need.

  • in the vacuum of simple success habits which you may not have acquired yet.

  • in the fear of failure or fear of success – because either one will take you way beyond your comfort zone.

  • in the severe anxiety that results from not believing you are enough, or not having belief in yourself, or not having confidence in yourself and your ability.  This could make you feel like an imposter.

  • in feeling abandoned by the universe and all the resulting thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that ambush you because you feel so separate from the energy that creates worlds.

    • Loneliness

    • Terror

    • Ferocious anger or rage

    • Desire to hurt back (revenge)

    • Deep distrust in self, others, and especially Source

    • Despair

    • Desperate shame

But here is a powerful truth. You do not have to stay lost in the messy swamp of being and feeling human.  It is possible to restore yourself to the full Beingness that you were born with, that is your unique and wonderful heritage. 

It is possible to escape the trauma and ‘trance of inadequacy’ that so many of us carry most of our waking life.


Let’s Discover Your Strengths, Talents, and Abilities

We each come here into this life – with so many strengths talents and abilities. It is our sheer joy to discover what those are, and then utilize them to create the kind of life that fills us with wellbeing. 

We came here to Create.  We are beings that are Creators. We create the life that we live each day. We are given lifeforce.  What we do with it is our creation gift to ourselves and our world. 

One way you can consciously create your life, is to create a series of Life Goals in eight vital areas of your life.  By setting out a plan, you give your life direction and open the door to synchronicities that will assist your towards those desires.  If You Don’t Know Where You are Going You Will Probably End Up Somewhere Else by David Campbell is a book about such an idea.  Don’t live by default.  You didn’t come here to live a life which on your deathbed you hold regrets. You came here to live vibrantly, to live fully, to create the life that you want, that fits your needs and desires, that gives to you and gives to your world.

Set your dreams up as guiding markers for your life. When you write down a plan, something magical happens. It feels like the forces of the universe joins you, puts wind in your sails, and delivers opportunities for those dreams to become realities. 


Our first offering is an eCourse to help you create such a life plan.  When you have finished the course you can proactively state “I am in the process of creating a life that is moving me towards the life I wish to create.”  

It is possible to reconnect into the state of Being that is your birthright, to leave the trance of unworthiness and become the best You that you can be. I am here to support you in that journey.

Let’s Restore The Fullness of Who You Are Today



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