As blog creator and founder of the Restore Process, Anna Fussell offers the world’s most gentle, thoughtful, and tolerant success and wellbeing resources.


Anna Fussell’s lifelong study of positive psychology and Law of Success has graced and inspired blog readers for over 10 years. Her wealth of expertise, generosity and authentic kindness come from true curiosity and subsequent examination of the things that make humans happy, successful, and full of wellbeing.


Anna’s Explorations and Studies

Blog Writer / 11 yrs

Ride the Wild Dragon

Sounding One’s Song: Shame, Self-Esteem, Creativity & Spirituality

Psychosynthesis International Conference

Humanistic Psychology BA
Eckerd College, FL

Human Development MA
St. Mary’s University, MN

Mini MBA Program
University of St. Thomas

Counseling and Student Personnel Graduate Studies
University of MN

Temperament Studies
Active Alert, Highly Sensitive Person

Faculty & Retreat Leader / 20 yrs
Psychosynthesis Institute of MN

Program Coordinator TA Instructor of Grad Course
Reading & Study Skills, U of MN

Instructor Life & Career Planning
Eckerd College

Wholeness Chair Person
Unity of Golden Valley, MN

VP Operations / 10 yrs
T. Crane & Associates, MN

Seminar Firm Director
Change Navigators

Placement Coordinator
Career Services, Eckerd College

Couples Communication
Instructor Training with Sherod Miller

Anna Fussell has that deep spiritual gift of seeing into the soul of everyone she encounters, affirming their worth, recognizing their deepest problems and acknowledging and affirming people’s deepest sorrows, angers, shames, fears, joys, anxieties, struggles and accomplishments.
Her empathy and intelligence are the very traits we were all encouraged to foster by every world religion. She is the “mother” we all wish we had had, and when we have shared our turmoils with her, she lovingly brings us back to the awareness that we have truly been “heard” and understood, thus creating that quintessential sense of feeling “healed”. She listens deeply and brings us back to the state of grace whereby we feel so grateful to be appreciated, uplifted and reminded of our worth.
Anna is truly a “one in a million” counselor, coach, who works her magic with sincerity, love and respect. She helped me so much to overcome an intense and prolonged trauma abroad, bringing me back gently and patiently to an innate sense of peace and confidence, with the knowledge that I still had much to offer to other people.
I would recommend Anna Fussell in a heartbeat! I will never forget how much she helped me.
— Susan Miller, Portland, Oregon

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