Let’s Create a Treasure Map for Your Life

How are you directing your life at the moment? Do you feel like you are going where you want, and are you living it fully charged, driving with an open throttle, and living with a sense of wonderment, appreciation, and fulfilment that it is a life well lived? If you are like 93% of the population, probably not. Only 7% of the world is living that way. Is there a different way? 

Of course! You deserve a life full of wellbeing.


How do you place yourself in the driver’s seat of your Life?

It’s possible to have a life of wellbeing and success. When you take creative direction for your life, you quickly see terrific results. You can expect to:

  • Reawaken your fierce aliveness and vitality.

  • Aggressively find your strengths and talents and utilize them fully in your work and in your personal life.

  • Free yourself from the tyranny of cultural hypnosis that keeps your dreams small and your life contracted.

  • Recover your sense of self-worth.

  • Recover your buried dreams and set life goals in 3 areas.

  • Expand your awareness to see who you really are.

  • Reconnect with your Essential You and the enormous potential you walk around with each minute of every day.

  • Claim your personal authority and power.

  • Step above the Reaction triangle of victim, perpetrator, and Rescuer

  • Claim your worthiness and your adequacy

  • Encourage your courage and grit to move outside your comfort zone and create your life every minute, every day.


What do those results get you?

You GET the platform, the base, the preparation to engage in living a life the way you want it. How do you create the life you want? You are creating a life already, whether by default or on purpose.

Have you consulted your operations manual about how to create such a life? Most of us are living our lives getting by with what we have picked up along the way. I call that living by default. You deserve better. You deserve to have a life well-lived that is wonderful, and getting better all the time. It is possible to have wellbeing throughout your whole life. This course is designed to help you do just that.


Imagine experiencing a structured program designed to help you break free into the deliciousness of the life you want.

How would you like to blossom into the exuberance of who you are so that you can live a life that you love; a full life, an empowered life, a creative life, a life of meaning, purpose and accomplishment; a life of wellbeing and success?

Create Your Life - A Treasure Map to Wellbeing


This 3-part eCourse escorts you through the process of doing just that, creating your life. Broken into modules so that you have bite size pieces, the first module asks you to commit to yourself. It prepares you to embark on the journey of creating your life. The second module gives you a repertoire to create your life and the third module dives into your implementation.

Module One: Preparation for the Journey

In Module One: Preparation for the Journey you get everything you need to:

  • Commit to your new role as creative director of your life

  • Identify a vision of the future

  • Discover your strengths

  • Learn some basics about your consciousness

  • Set life goals in three areas

  • Identify a regimen of self-care to nurture, protect and help this creation of yours to flourish

Module One: Preparation for the Journey is essential to pivot yourself from living your life by default into living your life on purpose, excited, fully charged and looking forward to the unfolding adventure of living your life.

When you take off on a road trip you need to prepare and pack for the journey. This course provides some simple tools. You are prepared for some road blocks along the way. You are coached to champion yourself. You have a direction in which to orient your next steps.

You’ll finish Module One: Preparation for the Journey of this comprehensive course with a plan of how you choose to engage with yourself deep down to take on the task of creating of your life. With that, you’ll be ready to launch yourself into the next phase of discovery and action. And, you’ll know you’re ready because you’ll measure your progress at the beginning and the end of Module One: Preparation for the Journey so you can see for yourself how prepared you’ve become.

Module One: Preparation for the Journey Learning Segments:

  • Introduction: Becoming CEO of your life

  • Identity: Knowledge of self – knowing who you are, your wants, needs, desires, dreams, your strengths

  • Caring for Self – essential to taking care of the balance of your life as you embark on this journey

    (4 weeks of content)


Modules Two and Three:
Available Late Summer and Fall 2019

Module Two : Available in late summer 2019, this module will guide you through planning in four additional areas of your life.


Learning Segments:

  • Emotional Wellbeing –

  • Physical Wellbeing – Having the energy to create requires attention to the physical self

  • Mental Wellbeing – Mindset

  • Social Wellbeing – Connection – Relationships with others

    (4 weeks of content)

Module Three: Available in fall 2019, expect to complete your planning activities in three final areas and review the treasure map you’ve created for use today, tomorrow, and for years to come.


Learning Segments:

  • Financial Wellbeing –

  • Vocation/Career Wellbeing –

  • Spiritual Wellbeing –

  • Prioritizing your overall plan – One year, Five Year Plan – Regular Reviews

    (4 weeks of content)


What you receive in this course:

This course will uplift and inspire you to reach for the highest and best in yourself. Each week you will receive a tutorial on one large segment of your life.

  • 12 total weeks of content that will guide you through your treasure mapping journey

  • 9-15 pages of reading resources in each lesson segment to provide all the insights and inspiration you need

  • Surprise gifts that complement each of the modules

  • Supplemental PDF’s to take your studies a bit further

  • Exercises and homework for each lesson segment so you apply what you’re learning

  • Additional resource recommendations for those times when you want to learn a bit more

  • Surprise links (including articles, seminars and videos) which are sure to expand your awareness

All lessons and bonus materials are research documented. They provide opportunities to evaluate your goal progress. When you have completed this entire 3-module course, you’ll walk away with a combined plan for your life in 9 areas. Let the treasure map exploration for your life begin!


Who this course is for:

If you are tired of feeling inadequate and afraid to try new things. This is for you. If you are willing to push beyond personal comfort and go outside of it, and get support along the way, this course is for you. If you want to reach for your dreams, but have no idea how they might come into being, this course is for you. If you have a strong inner critic, and hold yourself to impossible standards of perfection, this course is for you.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We want you to try this course out and see if it works. Sure you can read my free stuff, and it will help you, no doubt about it. But you can move more purposefully, faster, and easier by going through the this course Create Your Life - Your Treasure Map to Wellbeing. To help you feel easier about it, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee after the purchase of each module. That gives you time to experience the whole module, and time to reflect on its value to you. We will give you your money back, if you decide it wasn’t a match for you with no questions asked on Module One: Preparation for the Journey.

The time is now:

Sign up now to begin this wondrous journey. This is a journey where you get seen as the awesome person you are. This is the journey where you can talk with others who are going through the process and experience support. This is a journey that will change how you relate to yourself and your future. This journey changes you into an empowered life-goal setter. This journey encourages you to expand into the deep well of your own Being. This journey asks you to set out action steps for each phase.

Are you ready? Now. Now is the time to sign up. We can’t wait to see you on the other side.

Anna Fussell is the most remarkable combination of heart, soul, compassion, strength and wisdom I have ever had the joy to know. We all want to be seen – to be heard. Anna is a true balm for a weary soul. She has a remarkable ability to reach out in a compassionate, healing way to truly help us when we are struggling with life. Anna listens to you with her whole heart. You always feel completely heard, accepted and supported. Her upbeat attitude helps her to actively look for the good in people. Anna’s advice is imparted in a completely non-judgmental way and is delivered in a kind, heart connected way. She sees the big picture, asks penetrating questions and compassionately tells the truth to her clients and friends. I would highly recommend contacting Anna for her insightful e-courses and seminars. If you give her an opportunity, she will absolutely help you change your life for the better. You’ll “thank your lucky stars” for leading you to Anna Fussell and her remarkable counseling gift.
— Marsha Nord, M.S.